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The Used PR1-4 Census

PR 1-4

The PR 1-4s were attached directly to bundles of newspapers and normally canceled with brush strokes using a thick black or blue ink.  Genuine used PR1-4 newspaper stamps are very rare. Jim Kotanchik in his article:  Use of the Newspaper and Periodical Issue of 1865 estimated there are around 20 genuine used PR1-4s in existence.   This comment has led me to undertake a PR1-4 Used Newspaper Stamp Census!   Below are the real stamps censused to date.  If you think you have one, please scan it front and back and I will add it to the census.  Owners will remain anonymous.  Be aware this is a "conservative" census.  I have see other "used" PR1-4 newspapers, but I remain to be convinced they are genuine.  In a moment of great irony, an auction of Jim Kotanchik's material provided me with UsedPR3-7- the 20th stamp of the census! 

UsedPR1-1.GIF (28270 bytes) UsedPR1-2.gif (31935 bytes) UsedPR1-3.gif (33841 bytes) UsedPR2-1.gif (29025 bytes) UsedPR2-2.gif (32588 bytes) UsedPR2-3.gif (28018 bytes) UsedPR2-4.gif (27120 bytes) UsedPR2-5.gif (27130 bytes) UsedPR2-6.gif (18006 bytes)  UsedPR3-1.gif (28536 bytes) UsedPR3-2.gif (28127 bytes) UsedPR3-3.gif (22587 bytes) UsedPR3-4.gif (25648 bytes) UsedPR3-5.gif (17307 bytes) UsedPR4-1.gif (27811 bytes)

The PR1 below is the only know genuine used copy with a city postmark.  The PR2 with a railroad postmark is a real bad guy.  I've verified the railroad line existed in about the right time period so this postmark/usage sure could have been real, but APS says not!  This will always mystify me.  The postmark was applied before the catalog listed prices for a used example.  Who would want to ruin a real $200 stamp with a postmark that does not even look like the genuine brushstroke?  This is not the only example of fake postmarks being put on real stamps. The PR4 is another example.