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The Special Printings

PR 33-56

Printed by the Post Office in 1875, the special printing is ungummed and hard to distinguish from Regular Issues (PR09-32) without gum.  I advise against buying Special Printings without having them expertised.  The special printings are the saddest thing about the Newspaper Stamps.  A total of only 15 copies of the $9-$60 were sold (only 1 copy each of the $48 and $60).  Only one of us has a chance of ever having a complete collection.   The whereabouts of most of these 15 high values are unknown.  The PR48 above is the gem of my collection.  Only 41 copies were issued.

News! Only 2 copies of PR 54 were sold in 1875.  One of them has been found!  At a recent show I was fortunate to meet the person who had located the copy (for a specialist such as myself, this was exciting).  He sold the PR54 at auction for (including hammer price) $253,000!  PSE Article.